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By joining the waitlist you are also invited to join our DC Wellness Community, where you can connect with likeminded people and get tips on exercise, nutrition & mindset to help you lead a healthy balanced life.
Why This Program Is Different & Why It Works
You will learn new life skills, techniques & behaviours to live your best life. 

You’ll develop resiliency, overcome adversity & begin practising professional sportsmanlike behaviours that will instill new & long-term habits that will allow you to reach for new potentials. 

You will begin to feel the success of all of your efforts & start to become the person you always knew you could be!

PS. Remember to look for a little better each day & not perfection!
Here's What You Get Inside the 30DC...
Daily fat loss workouts you can do at a gym or at home. Access to LIVE stream workouts
Daily mindset and motivation tips to get you through every and inspire you to great things in life.
Weekly menus to suit your goals.
Cost effective recipes & shopping lists to fuel your journey.
Motivation & self-discipline from DC. Fitness mindset & recovery activities to practice
Access to the DC Wellness Community. Get experienced professional support
Your chance to WIN a Samsung Galaxy Watch, Adidas Sportswear and discounted health products.
30DC Athlete Kit Fat Loss Series
Get toned, lose fat mass & sustain maximum lean muscle whilst building a stronger & more resilient mindset in 30 days!
"Dan's 30DC program over delivers big time. Getting trained by Dan everyday, along with the meal plans and recipes got me so motivated that I want to do this every month. By far the best value health program I've come across" Dave, Sydney
I'm Dan Conn (DC) & This Is Why I'm Doing This
I've been involved in health and wellness throughout my life as a professional athlete playing with NRL teams the Bulldogs, Gold Coast Titans and Sydney Roosters. 

After a serious neck injury my football career was over but my determination to be the best athlete & person I can as only grown.

Helping others and my love of training lead me to become an Elite Functional Trainer with the Global Training brand F45 before working as Wellness Director for Anytime Fitness & Orange Theory. 

Now I want to uplevel your health & wellness, starting with the 30DC so you can like life to the fullest and have fun along the way.
Includes Access to the DC Wellness Community
Over the next 30 days you'll get fit, lean & toned!
30DC Training Program (Value $1500)
Challenge yourself mentally
I teach you how to have fun sweating it out daily with workouts that are dynamic, fun & results-based providing the basis of complete body transformations for all shapes & sizes!

Each workout will challenge you both physically & mentally & together we build a strong resilient mindset that powers lean proportioned muscle mass & drops fat like never before. 
30DC Mindfulness (Value $497)
Make the time to connect
I connect with you weekly with mindfulness & motivation to encourage you to grow & adapt. You will develop new positive behaviours that will fuel a better life day in, day out.

I give you the tools to help you build a positive attitude towards yourself so you can grow in your goals, become inspired by your progress & become happier & healthier in your everyday lifestyle.
30DC Nutrition Program (Value $1500)
Fuelling for fat loss
The fat loss series works off an energy deficit in order to reduce fat mass while maintaining lean muscle mass ensuring health gains can be maximised. This will reduce your appetite, control your food intake, eliminate nutrient deficiencies & allow you to train with more energy!

Each day in the 30DC is complemented with goal specific meal plans from our in house Nutritionist, Ellice Whichello. The recipes, shopping lists, tips & tricks are easy to follow, fun & effective. They are budget friendly & will allow you to feel, look & perform at your very best.
30DC Recovery (Value $997)
Rejuvenate your energy
Learn how to make time for recovery to replenish & rebuild your body’s energy. I will show you techniques & methods to achieve recovery to reconnect, progress & rejuvenate both physically & mentally on a daily basis. 

The power of de-stressing, mindfulness & self-care enables you to perform better every day managing anything that life throws your way. Your recovery will be a part of your everyday routine & make you feel better from the inside out.
30DC Community (Value $197)
A place to chat
The DC Community is your daily support system that will help you along your journey. I will be empowering the community to help one another as we all embark on this journey together. 

The community is also a forum for you to ask questions in a safe & positive environment knowing that you will always be responded to with much thought & respect. 

The team inside the DC community share the same values & always work to get you the best results for you.
30DC Rewards (Value $1347)
Effort is key
For the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Watch valued at over $500, simply post a video in the DC Community on how the DC30 positively impacted your life. The winner will be announced on 5th June!
  •  Samsung Galaxy Active Watch
  •  Adidas Gift Vouchers
  •  Body Science Supplements
  •  The chance to win a 1 on 1 Training Session with Dan!
That's Over $6,000 Worth Of Real World Value
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